Q: How much does it cost to get my part(s) done?
A: Cost is dependent on a few factors: size of part/object, condition, QTYs, etc. Best way to get an accurate quote is to email us a picture of the part/object along with detailed specifics of the part(s). That being said, keep in mind that what we do is coat your custom part(s) with our high performance coating. Custom work is a premium service which is NOT for everyone. 

Q: How much to coat my wheels?
A: Keep in mind that wheels are probably the most expensive to do, because: there are 4 wheels so you are paying to have 4 parts coated vs only 1 piece like a strut bar. Wheels are also large and difficult to do. The bigger the wheels the more it will cost. Motorcycles wheels are another issue as we would have to coat both sides of the wheel vs. only 1 side of a car wheel.

Q: What kind of parts can you do?
A: We can coat most any metal part or object, not limited to just automotive. Most anything you can dream of, we can coat. *within reasonable size limitations*

Q: How durable is the coating?
A: The coating is a hardened finish which is very durable. It is scratch & heat resistant. With proper care it will last nearly the life of a car. That being said: the coating is only as durable as the substrate it covers. EX: If the coated part is stainless steel then it is more durable than aluminum. It also is not indestructible. 

Q: Is there a warranty on the coating?
Yes, we will redo the coating if it peels or flakes. Keep in mind that you as the user is expected to give reasonable care to maintain the finish. Neglecting to care for the finish will void any warranties. 

Q: How many different coatings do you offer?
A: We mainly offer four (4) different finishes:
1) Aurora Neo Chrome - brighter
2) Ultra Nebula - darker shade
3) Neo Gold
4) Neo Cobalt

Feel free to email us with any questions: